APG Dual Fuel System


APG Dual Fuel System:

The APG Dual Fuel System is a patented aftermarket upgrade that integrates Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) into standard diesel engines.  The Dual Fuel system allows drivers to combine the range and cost savings of natural gas and the convenience of normal diesel fuel.  The Dual Fuel configuration does not change any diesel engine parts, but merely adapts an aftermarket system to existing OEM components.   It does this by integrating with systems like oil pressure, coolant temp, exhaust gas temp, manifold air pressure, and diesel fuel pressure through the Communication Area Network (CAN) system or other sensors.  This keeps the original factory warrant valid.  The Dual Fuel controller won’t allow CNG to flow until the engine coolant temp and exhaust gas temps are within normal operating parameters.  This means the engine starts normally with diesel fuel and once it has heated to normal temperatures the compressed natural gas (CNG) is released. The OEM diesel engine controller acts to reduce diesel fuel flow as CNG is introduced to maintain requested engine speed/load.  If for any reason, the operator wants to turn off the CNG Dual-Fuel system or the CNG fuel supply is depleted, the engine can be seamlessly returned back to 100% diesel fuel operation. The advantages of natural gas are evident all around us with cleaner fuel burns and lower fuel costs.  With more CNG stations being implemented across the country and an abundant domestic supply, natural gas is a cheap and effective solution to transportation costs and reduced emissions.  The Dual Fuel System is a truly revolutionary product that allows the best of both worlds; taking original low cost diesel engines and adapting them support both diesel and cheap natural gas solutions.

  •       Combines the range and low cost of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) with             diesel fuel and OEM diesel engines.
  •       Clean burring Dual Fuel Systems reduce operating costs by up to 40% and           components last longer minimizing service requirements.
  •       Increases diesel engine run times by over 200%.
  •       Significantly reduces emissions of nitrogen dioxide and fine particulates.

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