QMB Moveable Barrier 

The QMB Moveable Barrier System is a crash tested barrier that is capable of being moved laterally by a transfer Machine (BTM) at speeds of between 5 and 10 mph. The cost effective benefits include reduced construction staging, increased safety, and maintaining traffic throughput during construction. This system is especially effective on bridge, tunnel, and viaduct applications. Roadways with high traffic volumes and limited right of way will typically be good candidates.


The CentriPipe systems allows culverts to be restored to like new condition without digging up or replacing the culvert.

ADA SafetyWall & Safety Rail

The SafetyWall & SafetyRail are Pedestrian Barricades and Guide Rails that easily channelize pedestrian traffic in Work and Construction Zones. Both systems are fully approved and supported by the ADA (American Disability Act).  Extensive designing and testing resulted in superior Barricades & Guide Rails that are durable, inexpensive, and ADA approved.

Zoneguard Steel Barrier 

The Zoneguard Steel Barrier offers superior roadway protection and reduced installation cost and time.  Up to 750 feet of this barrier can be placed on a single truck, and it can easily be installed at a rate of 1000 linear feet in a single hour. Zoneguard meets NCHRP 350 TL-3 and MASH crash testing.

BRICK Modular DMS System

The BRICK Modular DMS is a new and unique approach to LED signage, and can be used for virtually any application.  BRICK signs are comprised of self-contained modules and do not require bulky walk-in cabinets, fans, filters or seasonal maintenance. Patented silk-screened face creates a high contrast ratio for superior visibility and legibility.

Bridge in a Backpack 

The Bridge in a Backpack is a revolutionary cost effective system for small bridges and large culverts.  The substructure of the bridge is constructed of lightweight FRP composite arched tubes with a cast in place concrete.  This process eliminates the need for large construction crews and heavy equipment needed for traditional bridge builds.  Innovative design allows these bridges to last over 100 years with minimal maintenance.

Mobile Barrier MBT-1 

The MBT-1 Mobile Barrier is a completely mobile work zone that provides construction and road crew positive barrier protection and reduced set up time, when compared to traditional cones or barrels.  The unit’s modular design can be modified to extend from 42- 102 feet in very little time.  It is crash tested to NCHRP 350 TL-3 and MASH standards, can be driven at roadway speeds, and requires no set up. These benefits increase safety and make maintenance operations much more efficient and cost effective.


Surtreat is a corrosion prevention chemical solution designed for restoration and prevention of deterioration in concrete structures.  Surtreat reduces water permeability, increases both acid and chemical resistance, and surface adhesion and hardness.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approves Surtreat stating it will extend the life of the concrete and structure by 10 years.

SwiftGate & SwiftSign 

The SwiftGate and SwiftSign Systems offer remote controlled lane closure and traffic signs.  The system is easily installed, and is comprised of a pivoting gate, solar panel, and control box.  The system is optimized for repetitive lane closures, permanent applications, and construction. Units can be easily relocated.

FlexStake Delineators

Flexstake Delineators offer the industries finest polycarbonate impact resistant signs and markers.  FlexStake highway markers routinely withstand 75 crash impacts at 55mph, and 1000 low speed run-overs by loaded asphalt trucks weighing over 35 tons.

APG Dual Fuel System

The APG Dual Fuel System offers an aftermarket attachment to diesel truck engines that allows the use of compressed natural gas in addition to diesel fuel.  The result of this is drastically improved range and reduced fuel costs.  No changes are made to the original engine specifications, keeping the warranty valid, and the engine can be switched back to full diesel operation at any time. Expected fuel costs are reduced 25% to 40%.


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