QMB Moveable Barrier



QMB Moveable Barrier:

The Quickchange Moveable Barrier system is an innovative and cost efficient product that reduces congestion and increases traffic throughput by adding lanes to rush hour traffic.  It is offered in both permanent and construction implementations.  The permanent application can move up to a mile of barrier, up two lanes at a time, in less than 10 minutes.  This allows for greater traffic throughput at a fraction of the cost of building new highway lanes.  For Construction purposes the QMB System offers a positive traffic barrier to workers in construction areas from both opposing lanes of traffic and motor vehicles.  Moveable barrier provides a very low barrier deflection during impact, and is approved under NCHRP 350 crash testing.

  •       Adds lanes to bridges, tunnels, and high traffic areas.
  •       Improves traffic throughput and reduces congestion.
  •       Utilizes existing road structure eliminating need for added lanes.
  •       Improves worker safety by providing positive barrier protection.

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