Mobile Barrier MBT-1



Mobile Barrier MBT-1:

The MBT-1 Mobile Barrier is a steel truck mounted barrier that can be arranged from 42-102 feet to protect construction crews.  The system offers onboard power, lighting, and storage units, and can be interchanged from left to right setups in less than 10 minutes.  A crash cushion and traffic signal are mounted on the rear of the unit facing oncoming traffic.  Once the roadwork is finished the unit can be driven down the road to the next job site.  The result of these features is greater worker and motorist safety, and less time and workers needed for each setup.  In crash tests the Mobile Barrier effectively redirects and absorbs impact of 2.5 ton vehicles at speeds of over 60 miles per hour.  The MBT-1 was tested and approved under both NCHRP and MASH crash test guidelines.

  •       Improved worker and motorist safety.
  •       Onboard TMA, traffic signal, storage, and power allow greatly reduced set             up times.
  •       Easily extended from 42-102 feet for each job site.

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