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safety+wall+17_optThe SafetyWall & SafetyRail are Pedestrian Barricades and Guide Rails that easily channelize pedestrian traffic in Work and Construction Zones. Both systems are fully approved and supported by the ADA (American Disability Act).  The SafetyRail is an effective and easy way to set up a continuous barricade with guide rail around a work zone.  SafetyRail is constructed of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with UV stabilizers, and at only seven pounds it’s lightweight, portable, and easy to transport and store. No hardware is required for assembly making set-up and tear-down times minimal.  SafetyRail measures 38″ high x 24″ wide, by 3.25″ deep and allows contractors to choose between internal or external ballast by using the extra-wide internal sand-fill holes, or use traditional sand bags.

The SafetyWall system is simple, effective, inexpensive way to channel pedestrian traffic around a work zone.  One person can install an entire sidewalk or pedestrian detour of SafetyWall in minutes. Unlike other barriers, no equipment is required to move SafetyWall in place.  Each unit is made from UV-stabilized high-density plastic, and measures 74″ long, 36″ tall, 3″ thick, and weighs only 35 lbs. The innovative design makes it a lightweight device designed for easy transport and installation.  SafetyRail’s  simple yet robust interlocking connection requires no tools to assemble, and folding metal legs provide support with sand bags adding ballast.  Additional delineation, flashing lights, and motion-sensitive audible devices can be easily mounted to fit all your needs.

Great work was put into the design of SafetyWall & SafetyRail to make them fully ADA Compliant.  Visually impaired volunteers helped us understand what was needed for them to easily and comfortably walk through a work zone.  This resulted in a Continuous Guide Rail with the upper rail for hand guidance, and the lower rail for walking aids.  There is a consistent vertical plane between the upper and lower rails, and no part of the barricade protrudes into the walkway.  All these factors result in superior Barricades & Guide Rails that are durable, inexpensive, and ADA approved.

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