Bridge in a Backpack


Bridge in a Backpack:

The Bridge in a Backpack is a true innovation to the small to medium span bridge market. Developed out of the University of Maine, The Bridge in a Backpack provides a low cost, lightweight, and corrosion resistant solution for bridge construction. The system implements FRP composite arched tubes as reinforcement and formwork for a cast in place concrete.  The tubes and composite material are as strong as steal and provide superior corrosion resistance.  The arched tubes are lightweight allowing easy transportation and rapid deployment.  The result of the lightweight and carbon fiber tubes is a bridge superstructure that can be built in less than two weeks and last for over 100 years with little maintenance.  Traditional concrete bridges last between 40-70 years and require greater up keep, maintenance, and corrosion prevention.  The composite supports also eliminate the need for large construction crews and heavy equipment used in traditional bridge materials.  This in turn reduces labor and construction costs for the contractor.  This also means less road closures and traffic diversions for motorists.  The Maine DOT has tested and supports the implementation of The Bridge in a Backpack stating its lightweight, easily transportable, and rapidly deployable features.

  •       Arched carbon fiber tubes and a cast in place concrete provide a bridge                 superstructure as strong as steel.
  •       Lightweight and easily transportable design allows less workers and                     equipment for bridge installations.
  •       Last 2-3 times longer than traditional concrete bridges with less maintenance.
  •       Reduced labor and construction costs, and fewer road closures and traffic             diversions.

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