SwiftGate & SwiftSign


SwiftGate & SwiftSign:

The SwiftGate and SwiftSign are remotely controlled lane closure and traffic signal systems.  They are compromised of a series of easily installed modules made of a pivoting gate or sign, a solar panel, and control box.  The lane closure system can be used for repetitive lane closures, permanent applications, or construction and is easily relocated to a new job site.  By not needing workers to apply cones or barrels the system greatly improves actual work time and worker safety. Gates can vary in length for different lane closures and can be adapted with traffic signs and flashing lights.  The system can be activated via RF transmitter, cell phone, or a web based application.  Both units have been tested and approved under NCHRP 350 testing standards and are approved for use on the National Highway System.

  •       Allows effective lane closures to permanent and construction sites without             traditional safety set ups with cones and barrels.
  •       System is easily broken down for transport to new locations.
  •       RF transmitter, cell phone, and web activation means workers do not have to         go into traffic, both improving worker and motorist safety and reducing set             up costs.

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