FlexStake Delineators


FlexStake Delineators:

FlexStake Delineators are the industries finest polycarbonate impact resistant signs and markers.  Their products include surface mount and soil anchor delineators, fire hydrant and airport markers, guardrail delineators, and glare screen.  They also provide snow poles, reflective decals, and flexible signage.  FlexStake highway markers routinely withstand 75 crash impacts at 55mph and 1000 low speed run-overs by loaded asphalt trucks weighing over 35 tons.  FlexStake signs are very easily replaced and work in almost all types of weather and road conditions including asphalt and concrete.  All signs and markers have been approved by state and federal DOT and the FAA.

  •       Offers industry leading polycarbonate signs and markers for all applications
  •       Highways markers withstand over 75 impacts at 55mph.
  •       Easy replacement system for damaged or worn delineators.
  •       Resistant to all weather conditions including extreme heat and cold.

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