Surtreat is chemical solution designed for restoration and prevention of deterioration and corrosion in concrete structures.  The technologies behind Surtreat incorporate proprietary chemical formulations that when applied to concrete, penetrate and combine with the cement paste.  The result of this process is the reduction of cement porosity, reduced water penetration, increased hardness of concrete, and an increase in the compressive strength of the concrete.  Surtreat also stops and inhibits penetration of new chlorides and acids, and stops and abates any steel corrosion of rebar in concrete.  This greatly improves the life time of the concrete and structure.  Where traditional concrete sealers are able to reduce surface porosity, they do not control the concretes pH, purge contaminants, protect the rebar, or last indefinitely.  Surtreat applies all these processes making it an industry standard in corrosion and deterioration prevention in concrete. Surtreat has been tested, approved, and applied to many projects by NASA and many state DOT’s across the country.

  •       Penetrates and combines with original concrete structure.
  •       Reduces cement porosity and water penetration.
  •       Purges contaminants already in the concrete, and protects new acids and             chemicals from entering.
  •       Greatly improves the strength and lifetime of any concrete structure.

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