Zoneguard Steel Barrier



Zoneguard Steel Barrier:

Zoneguard Steel Barrier is a revolutionary steel barrier system offering superior protection and lower installation costs to contractors.  Its lightweight configuration allow up to 750 feet to be mounted on a single truck load, and can be install at a rate of approximately 1000 linear feet in a one hour.  This greatly reduces the amount of trucks and fuel costs compared to traditional concrete barrier.  While traditional concrete barrier is less expensive to produce, overall depreciation and barrier implementation costs quickly add up.  Trucks can typically carry 120 feet of traditional barrier at a time.  A 700 foot job would only require one truck load of Zoneguard Barrier compared to six truck loads to and from the job site with concrete.  This also makes storage and transport to new job sites much more effective.  Zoneguard’s lightweight does not affect its performance, as it meets both NCHRP 350 (TL-3 & TL-4) and MASH (TL-3) crash test standards.  The barrier can also accommodate glare screen and added bolting to meet added specifications.

  •       U.S. made steel barrier providing superior crash protection.
  •       Reduced installation cost and time compared to concrete barrier.
  •       Over 750 feet mounted on a single truck reducing transport and fuel costs.
  •       Quick installation of up to 1000 feet per hour.
  •       Easy storage and transport to new job locations.

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